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In our service of Corporate Event Planner in Panama every event is special and important and you only get one chance to deliver your message.

When you are delivering your message, it must be done professionally and with excellence.  Our aim is to make you succeed and for you to look good in front of your clients, staff and audience.


Corporate Event Planner in Panama

Specialists in Audio Visual solutions for corporate events

At Magnishow we believe in designing sensory experiences to create a truly successful event. By harnessing the power of audio visual equipment, we can create unforgettable environments through stimulating your attendee’s senses using cutting-edge visuals, sound, lighting and interaction. With over 10 years experience providing complete AV solutions, Magnishow has the technology, expertise, and creative edge to turn an ordinary event intro an extraordinary experience.

Tailored AV packages for events

We take a tailored approach to your event and combine technical, styling, design and digital event solutions with other production elements, to deliver a seamless experience. From projectors, screens, plasmas and LED, through to the latest in playback, edge blending, high definition technologies and 3D projection mapping – your vision is brought to life by our skilled Audio Visual team.

We only use trusted Audio Visual brands

Magnishow use only trusted brands and the best AV equipment we know will deliver. Our experienced technicians hand-pick and test all equipment to ensure our high quality standards are upheld every time.

Cost Savings Identification

Great audio visual production and a tight budget don’t have to be mutually exclusive. We’ll let you know which equipment and services are “must-haves” for your event, and what can be scaled back when you’re looking for ways to cut costs. We work with you every step of the way to identify areas where you can trim your budget, and provide you with price alternatives for each element of your event.

Flawless Onsite Execution

Our clients choose us because they expect perfection, and know that there’s no room for error when it comes to putting on a high-impact meeting or event. Our singular focus is on creating great events, happy attendees, and making you look good. Read about how we’ve helped our clients in the past.

No Surprises

No surprise charges or fees. The price we quote you is the price you pay. If your requirements don’t change, your invoice won’t either.

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